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SENIOR ELDER - Regmond Fernandez

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Regmond Fernandez was called by God after serving in the capacity as Senior Systems Analyst in the Bank of Nova Scotia Jamaica Ltd., for over 18 years,

and is presently Senior Elder of Kingdom Life Advancement Centre (formerly Jamaica Worship Centre). Like Paul the apostle, Regmond is called by God to function in the apostolic grace which is required to build an accurate kingdom community, and restore the original intents of God to the earth. Having obtained boldness from the Lord Regmond labors for the   passion in his heart, which is for mankind to be upgraded to the full and accurate understanding of the fear of the Lord, which will lead the inherent possessors to become God-conscious, instead of their present dilemma of  self-consciousness.  

Consequently, Regmond strongly believes that all persons regardless of class or scholastic achievement must be presented with Kingdom accuracy so that an educated choice can be made regarding their future.  His life and passion for truth seems to always confront inaccuracies. He strongly believes that God has given everyone abilities, which must be activated for people to come to their true potential.  Having this vision, Regmond Fernandez, powered by the Spirit of God, continues to impart words of grace to his audience, who usually leaves spiritually empowered.

Regmond has been married for over 16 years to Karol.