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About KLAC

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In 1998, Regmond Fernandez along with his brother Bishop Henry Fernandez co-founded the Jamaica Worship Centre (JWC), developed to minister to all believers.  With a clear mandate from God “not to take any patterns from around him”, Regmond set out on child-like journey with God which first led him to build the Ministry on the “fear of the Lord”, a  pillar which continues to shape the contours of the community. 

In 2000, the people of JWC began to be exposed to the teaching of the World Breakthrough Network, an Apostolic Network of churches and kingdom organization led by its founder Dr. Noel Woodroffe.  As Regmond’s heart began to respond to the new frequency of the Holy Spirit, the Ministry underwent major changes.  The departure from the charismatic/Pentecostal flavour saw many persons departing as God brought the Ministry to a new place of authority and accuracy in the Spirit.  In March 2001, the Lord further defined His call upon the ministry changing its name from Jamaica Worship Centre to Kingdom Life Advancement Centre (KLAC).  This set the stage for the new and expansive building of KLAC into a strong kingdom community.

Today, KLAC has evolved into a strong, present truth, pioneering kingdom community which is apostolic in nature and Christ centered.  Purposed to establish a people who are God-conscious and potent in the earth, KLAC consistently builds people in an accurate environment in order to manifest true sons of God as we boldly expand kingdom initiates throughout the nations of the earth.  

KLAC is integral in the Kingdom Community Network – a sector of the larger Congress WBN, which is led by the founder and Senior Apostle Dr. Noel Woodroffe.


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